Emma Collins Beauty specializes in airbrush makeup. We use a high definition airbrush foundation that is waterproof for 12+ hours. It allows us to custom mix your foundation color for a blend to match your skin tone perfectly. Because of the fine misted spray of the airbrush, the makeup provides flawless coverage that evens out skin imperfections while still allowing the skin to breath. The final result gives a very natural yet polished “airbrushed” look. Airbrush makeup resists humidity (which is great for the South) more than traditional makeup. It is also sweat resistant! Most importantly, it is high definition make up for those up-close pictures!
Not all make up is created equally. Make up for photos is different than make up for everyday wear. Emma has spent years refining her skills. Below you can read what Emma has to say about hiring a professional.

“Many people think that hiring a professional hair and make up artist for their wedding won’t make that big of a difference. The truth is, though, that it makes all the difference!”

Before and After Emma Collins Beauty Makeup Trial

It is evident in the before and after shots of a model I worked with, just how much of an impact professionally done hair and make up makes. For the before shot, I had the model apply her own make up and style her own hair as she would for a wedding or special event. In the after photo, I styled her hair and applied airbrush make up. Clearly she is gorgeous in both the before and after! But, notice in the after how much her natural beauty is enhanced by the airbrush make up and professional make up techniques! Professional make up helped accentuate her gorgeous eyes and kept her face clean, bright, and natural. With airbrush make up, we can customize the right shades for your skin tone, which minimizes the appearance of redness. It brings out a soft, dewy glow- the epitome of every bride’s dream look.